We don't photograph many sessions these days, BUT when your dear friends are expecting TWINS, it's impossible not to pick up the camera!!

We've known Sam and Erich for years now! They both volunteer with us at the Blacksburg Rescue Squad and we've seen them in many different seasons of life: friends, dating, getting married, being married, and now expecting!! There are a LOT of things that make a session like this special, but there is a different level of love when you've been with someone through each step that brought them to this moment! :D Sam and Erich - we are unbelievably happy for you two (you FOUR!!)! 

Now Sam and Erich love the outdoors and making adventures happen, so it only makes sense that they would have their maternity session at Barney's Wall - essentially a cliff at the top of a mountain!! Luckily there is a way up the mountain other than climbing, since Sam was carrying two extra people! Erich drove us up the bumpy road to the top, which seemed more meant for an ATV than a car. ;D One more adventure to add to the very long list!! 

Here are some of our favorites! And let me tell you it was hard to choose just a few!!