Hey all! Today I'm kicking of a series on "The Best of Blacksburg" where I'll highlight my favorite portrait spots in the Blacksburg area! I get asked about these all the time and am finally sharing ALL the details. Most people only think of The Duck Pond or The Hahn Horticulture Gardens, and while they ABSOLUTELY make the list, there are so many more to choose from! 

The Virginia Tech campus is VAST. Many of my favorite spots are found all over the grounds, but one of my favorites is the area around Price Hall and the court yard behind it. If you are looking for the castle-like feel of the Hokie Stone, this is the best spot for it!! 

What it has to offer

  • Hokie Stone
  • Stone arches
  • Farthest West on the Drill Field so that you can get the glowy sun at the "Golden Hour" without it being blocked by other tall buildings
  • Greenery - ALL YEAR! This is such a great spot in the winter months considering the ivy and shrubbery are green year round. 
  • Stone stairway 
  • Close walk to or from the Duck Pond 

The not so great

  • Difficult to park near by. Definitely check a head of time for where you can park without getting a ticket. There will generally be a decent walk from where you can park and this location, so this is best for clients who are capable of making a half mile walk or more. 
  • Student traffic (but much less than most of the campus!). Definitely plan for down time in between shots as students pass along the walk ways. This isn't usually a high traffic area, but it is near a few classrooms. 


Thank you to my models, Bridget and Victoria, two of Virginia Tech's and Blacksburg Rescue's finest!

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