Welcome back! "The Best of Blacksburg" is a series where I highlight my favorite portrait spots in the Blacksburg area! I get asked about these all the time and am finally sharing ALL the details. Most people only think of The Duck Pond or The Hahn Horticulture Gardens, and while they ABSOLUTELY make the list, there are so many more to choose from! 

Blacksburg is nestled in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which makes it ideal for getting scenic views without too much travel. Heritage Park is one of my favorites for it's natural scenery and a backdrop of rolling hills! 

What it has to offer

  • Rolling mountain background
  • Less than 10 minutes from the center of town
  • Large round hay bales
  • Grass fields (best in Fall)
  • Easy to park
  • Greenery in Spring, Summer, and Fall

The not so great

  • There is generally a lot of foot traffic during good weather days
  • Not great for anyone who has trouble on long walks. The terrain is mild but there are hills to climb and uneven footing at times
  • Will be muddy in the valleys after rain 
  • Not a great diversity of location options 


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