When I first got my hands on a "nice" camera, I wanted to know EVERYTHING. I would reach out to photographers trying to figure out how they were getting those perfect lighting conditions.

The problem was that even when they were nice enough to explain it, I couldn't replicate it.

I didn't know my settings. I was shooting in "auto" mode and it wasn't enough to get what I wanted. After hours and hours on YouTube, a lengthy and expensive course, and months of practice, I finally knew the very basics.

Talk about frustrating. 


I don't want you to have to go through that just to learn how to shoot in manual! Because let's face it, shooting in manual isn't the exciting stuff. It's just the stuff needed before lighting, composition, and everything else that gets us pumped up about being photographers.

Which is why (surprise!) I'm giving away the DSLR Training Course for FREE to our newsletter community!!

Want to join the fun?! 

It starts in less than two weeks, so get signed up and get those cameras ready!!