Experiences over things

It's a motto that Will and I unintentionally put to the test in 2016, and let me say, we found that it suits us PERFECTLY. We traveled as far west as Salt Lake City, Utah, as far east as Oak Island, North Carolina, as far south as Orlando, Florida, and as far north as Lincoln, Maine! Being travel junkies was not what we were shooting for, but as we start 2017, we know that we will continue investing heavily in these distant adventures. We found huge value in exploring together over other material possessions. Who knows if we will always see it this way, but for the time being, with just the two of us to worry about, that is where our hearts are at! :D

The very first big adventure of this year was KEY WEST!! We have traveled there once before, about two years ago. We loved it so much that plans for trip number 2 where not far behind. AND the Robinsons have been with us for both trips! Our little Snapchat group has been counting down the days for MONTHS now. And it did not disappoint! We already have talks of a 2019 trip ;D Maybe this time we can see Jimmy Buffett, who we've missed by just DAYS both times! 

Here are a few of our Key West favorites:

  • The turtle races at Turtle Kraals. We totally missed seeing this on our original trip and made up for it by going twice this time around! Our winning turtles (lovingly named Sea Biscuit and Turtle) also managed to get us a few free drinks, which we happily accepted. 
  • Paddle boarding through the mangroves. If only my DSLR were waterproof! The mangroves are so beautiful. They made me want to risk taking it! ...don't worry - I didn't! 
  • The best key lime pie in Key West at Blue Heaven. This was so good that there was much talk of how to coordinate traveling with a whole pie on a flight and 3 hour car ride to get it back home! 
  • Waking up to the roosters at 5 am... ok maybe not a "favorite" but an obvious staple of being in Key West.
  • Watching the foot traffic from our balcony overlooking Duval Street. I'm not sure we will ever find better people watching than Duval St!
  • Cuban Coffee Queen. Pair a cup of this liquid energy with people watching from our balcony, and you have the recipe for the best way to start a day in Key West!  
  • Wind and Wine Sunset Sail. Let's be real, how often do you get the chance to watch the sunset from a sail boat while being served wine and horderves?? We actually booked this BOTH times that we have been in the Keys. I imagine that we will do it next time too! We HIGHLY recommend it!!

Now for PICTURES!! :D