As an editor, I spend 40+ hours a week in Lightroom. While I've chosen this as part of my career, most people would rather saw off their right hand then spend half that much time editing. Trust me, I get it! 

Luckily, there are a number of ways to stream-line your work so that you don't have to. In Lightroom, presets are BY FAR the easiest way to cut your editing time in half. 

If you are curious about what a preset is: It's a set of predetermined (or pre-set) positions for the Lightroom sliders. Not too difficult to understand! ;)

Why is this helpful? Well, once a photographer has a good handle on their editing style, they generally make the same Lightroom adjustments over and over. 

For example, I'm always pulling up my shadows and pulling down my highlights. I do this to EVERY image I touch (well all of MY images anyway!). Since I know I'm going to make those adjustments, my base preset already includes them. 

And that's basically the point. Having a general preset or set of presets allows you to start from a place that's much closer to your final product, saving a ton of time and producing a higher degree of consistency across different sessions and lighting conditions. 

So, what presets do I need?

Here's my recommended list for any wedding photographer:

Base presets:

  • Base 
  • B&W 
  • Single flash 
  • Multiple flash 

Color correcting presets:

  • Green hue
  • Blue/cool hue
  • Harsh sunlight
  • Orange hue
  • Yellow hue
  • Tungsten light
  • Florescent light

Theses are just a few basic ones that a wedding photographer normally has to address throughout a wedding day. Anytime you find yourself correcting a difficult or frequent lighting scenario, it can only help to make a preset!

Keep in mind that as your photographing style changes over time, your presets should too! The best place to address most color issues is in camera! Can I get an amen? ;) As you start to develop ways of addressing the color issues in camera, your presets will need to become less harsh to compensate. 

What are your favorite presets? What color corrections are you making on a wedding day??