Our ski weekend trip had an interesting start... maybe interesting isn't the right word! :P

We arrived later than planned, just as the sun was setting on Friday. We pulled up to my parents place, opened the door, and found a few jackets hanging there. We ventured farther in and found MANY more things that did not belong to us. We realized instantly that there must have been a mix up because it was clearly being rented by someone other than us! Kim and I looked at each other and ran back out, but we did not make it out without running into the renters! Talk about your award encounters! Luckily they understood completely... after their initial shock wore off.

However, we then had a different dilemma. We didn't have a place to stay, the rental company closed in 30 minutes, and there was/is ZERO cell service on the mountain. I mean ZERO. We eventually found a landline at Starbucks, and now I'm more convinced than ever that Starbucks really can solve all my problems. The rental company put us up right next door to my parents place within minutes! I couldn't believe we had it resolved so quickly... although I wonder if the renters next door were as happy to see us nearby again! :D

The rest of the weekend was perfect! Here are a few from this weekend including our day trip to the Green Bank Observatory

We arrived in SHORTS! Luckily the temperatures dropped significantly that night and we had pretty awesome skiing conditions by Sunday!

Christian taking a selfie or trying to get signal... fail either way! ;D

Oh Kim...

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