As I start this week, I'm glad it is light in business because I'm still pretty distracted from riding last week's "high." For anyone not tuned in, we announced our new business venture and this website! The announcement was followed by an unparalleled outpouring of support. People from all parts of our lives, current and past, cheered us on! We know that we are loved, but I was still shocked by the sweet gestures and comments we received! The feeling is beyond measure! THANK YOU everyone for sending us love and good wishes! It really means the world to us! 

This weekend just added to the perfect week!! Here are a few things we did:

  • Went to Friends-giving in Blacksburg! If a plate full of stuffing and turkey wasn't good enough, the Hokies also won against Notre Dame!! I even convinced our friends to take a few pics outside in the freezing cold during half time! I guess editing hasn't subdued my need to take pictures ALL THE TIME. Those roots run deep ;)
  • Photographed a family session in DC! The wind might have been gusting at 40 mph but we still made it happen! I can't wait to share more of these on the blog this week!! Little Harrison was ALL smiles!
  • Discovered that my apple watch is basically magic. I really wasn't sure I was going to get enough out of the apple watch to justify it's cost, but after only a week, I'm using it more than my phone!! I don't even know how to say why it's so awesome. It just IS! 
  • Was photographed for The Naked Project by Alicia Lacey! Well technically this is happening today but I still feel like it's the weekend. It's always fun getting to be on the other side of the camera but this will be the first time I've done so without any make-up on! Crazy! :D

Here area few fun images from this weekend!