If you expected the Monday Mess to get less chaotic over time, I'm sure I've proven you wrong by now. But if I haven't, this post might tip the scales. In the last week, we have put many miles on the cars, traveling all over Fredericksburg, Winston-Salem, Troutman, and of course, Blacksburg! 

Here are a few things I/we did since last Monday:

  • Photographed the growing Heins family! They just had another baby girl and oh I can't wait to share this one!! There are many sessions coming to the Bulloss Photography blog this week and this is one of them!!
  • Photographed a proposal! Courtney already shared this on Facebook so I'm not giving away a spoiler here, but COURTNEY AND RICKY ARE ENGAGED!!! Courtney is a friend from my sorority days and has been dating Ricky for SEVEN years now! 
  • Visited my family in Fredericksburg. I don't get to see my Grandmother often, so this quick trip was extra special to me!
  • Had Thanksgiving with the Bulloss crowd. We saw SO much family this week including both sides of Will's family in two back-to-back celebrations at his parent's house! 
  • Saw the newest Layman at Thanksgiving. Sarah Rose was born on the 22nd of this month AND made it to our Thanksgiving dinner at only 2 days old!!
  • Started our next round of the Whole30 diet plan. Erg. This is NOT exciting. I'm only sharing so that I feel more obligated to stick to it for the new two weeks. Also, we are doing two weeks stints instead of 30 days, mostly to be able to attend holiday parties and such!

I'm sharing out of chronological order so that I can show a few Heins family sneak peeks as well as a few from Courtney and Ricky's proposal first! Why? Because I can ;)