Happy Monday!! 

Kim moved townhouses this weekend and I've got to say, wow! Her new place looks AMAZING!! Kim let me choose a ton of the design elements during the building process. I'm not sure why she trusts me so much considering I've done very little to our own home! Regardless of that big risk she took on me, it turned out pretty amazing! 

Three things I learned this weekend:

  • I'm going to have nightmares of white bags. Kim's closet got shoved into white bags, and let's be honest, the girl has a LOT of clothes! I felt like they were never going to end, however, they all made it to their destination... and I may have taken a small clothing tax with me before it was all over. ;D
  • Regardless of whether Will has been moving boxes and furniture all weekend, if he has a free moment, he will put together your TV, ceiling fan, and gas fire pit. Where he get's the energy, I'll never know! 
  • I need to do more stair stepping exercises. I thought I had it down with all the plyo works that I've been doing BUT those stairs kicked my butt! My legs have been in full protest for 24 hours and it doesn't seem like they are going to stop anytime soon. 

A few fun ones from the weekend: