Today is the first big week back in the editing game, and I couldn't be more ready! It's been rejuvenating to have a light schedule the past few months, especially after the crazy fall season, but I'm MORE than ready to get back into the swing of things! 

Here are a few things we did this weekend and last: 

  • Brunch with my folks at the Crosskeys Vineyards. My parents and sister are just a few hours north on 81. They are all moving soon so we decided we needed a relaxing afternoon before all the boxes were ready to carry. I'm sad that we only just now found the perfect place to meet half way!! 
  • Celebrated Papa's birthday. Will's mom is getting his whole family together each month and it's been great to see everyone more frequently AND get to celebrate all the occasions in person! 
  • Found out that Combs baby number 2 is a BOY!! :D Leslie and Shannon, we are so happy for you!! 
  • Started the straw bale garden! You probably don't want to ask me about this in person because I promise you I'll talk about it forever!! I'm like a proud parent, showing people pictures of straw bales and demanding they love them as much as I do... BUT now that your reading anyways... THEY ARE THE BEST. They are all lined up in a pretty row in the backyard AND I have trays and trays of seedlings waiting to be planted in them... EVEN PEAS! Ya know what? I'm going to stop here... and just write an entire post about it instead... 
  • Will had nose surgery. He's had a deviated septum and has finally gotten it fixed! The procedure was very quick but it takes a few weeks to be all healed up. He's going to sound like he has a cold for a while! 

Here are a few favorites from the last two weeks!