Another Monday Mess!! Well… you can still call it a Monday Mess if you publish before midnight right?!

This week is all about sharing our most recent vacation! Will’s family goes on an annual beach vacation and this year was the first year where our niece and nephew got to experience the sun and sand!! Their little fat rolls, fists full of sand (followed by mouths full of sand… lol), and adorable smiles took the vacation to the next level. It’s crazy seeing their generation and think that one day we will be telling them about their first trip to the beach. YIKES. ;D

Excuse me while I say all the things I’m feeling that are going to be totally SHOCKING to you:

  • It went by too fast!!

  • Ohhhh beach sunsets

  • I miss the smell of sunblock

  • Family is the greatest

  • My niece and nephew are cuter than your niece and nephew

  • Freaking tan lines make me so happy… because it means I actually got a tan!!

On a more serious note, it looks like the paradise weather is about to be over for the beach that gave us all these incredible memories. Please keep everyone in Florence’s path in your prayers! Stay safe everyone.

Here are some of our 2018 beach photos… aka a bunch of photos of my niece and nephew… I swear there were adults there too…