As you know, Will and I have been growing our photography business for the last three years. It's been a crazy adventure that we poured our hearts into. This is why it will probably come as a BIG shock to some, that we will no longer be photographing weddings in 2017.

Trust me, it was a surprise to us too! Let me explain... 

Considering that Will and I both worked full-time jobs outside of the photography business, there have been MANY late nights and long weekends over the last few years. This isn't a complaint, it's just fact! The wedding photography business has been such a gift and, of course, it's all been worth it. We wouldn't have changed a minute! Even so, we knew that we didn't have another year going at the same pace. Something had to give. Something had to change. 

A lot of questions came to mind. Do we close the photography buisness? Do I quit my day job? Can I really support myself solely on the business's income? Is the photography business sustainable for us? 

This is when Marissa Lynn started to create awareness of a niche field, called personal editing and was helping editors start their careers. Basically, personal editing allows photographers to outsource their editing without sacrificing their personal style. This saves HOURS and HOURS of time for the photographer - as I well know!! ;) 

Side note: If you are a photographer and are interested in learning more about personal editing, definitely take a look at Katelyn James's post "How Do You Know When Your Ready to Outsource" and Abby Grace's post "How Outsourcing Editing Grew My Business." Both great reads!! 

So a new plan arose: become a full time wedding photographer AND a personal editor. The combined income would allow me to focus more closely on everything wedding & photography related! I put in my notice at the "day" job and continued working part time through August.

The plan was for my editing business to supplement my photography business. 

It was a great plan, but, as my dad always says, 

"You plan, God laughs."

Let's face it, sometimes our best laid plans change... AND that's ok! Photography has been my plan for over 3 years, but when editing came into my life, I knew it was more than just the answer to getting full time in photography.

Editing allowed us to work with photographers who were just as overworked, just as desperate to juggle everything in their lives as we once were! They had incredible buisness goals, busy families, and TONS of photography clients knocking down their doors. Unfortunately, they were too bogged down in editing to maintain the balance that they were looking for. Being able to run a business AND help photographers reach their lofty goals is rewarding beyond what I can describe! You almost have to live it to understand what it means to a photographer! ;) 

Editing has been a new, unexpected path that fits our family and myself much better than photography ever could! While we love being photographers, we figured out so quickly that editing was a direction we needed to focus in wholeheartedly. And that's what we are doing! 

So what does that mean for Bulloss Photography? Well, like I mentioned, we will no longer be photographing weddings in 2017 or beyond. We will keep our website up and will likely take on a small set of portrait sessions every year. We still love being photographers and while that won't be our primary business, the craft will always be a part of our lives!

As far the editing business goes, we are fully booked through 2016! There still is plenty in transition as far as email, social media, etc but at least our website is now live! :D Feel free to take a look around our new online home and stay tuned for new blog posts dedicated to sharing editing "secrets," photography 101, and some random personal ramblings much like today's post! 

Much love,