When we arrived home last night, we CRASHED! Our bodies and minds needed rest to keep up with everything that we had been doing for the last few days and we finally stopped fighting it. We took a good ol' nap starting at 4pm, woke up for part of the Bachelor finale, and then slept all night. That's a lot of sleep for people who normally don't care to get their 8 hours!! Corinne would have been so proud! ;)

Needless to say, I didn't get the blog out as intended yesterday, but today, I'm ready to share about our amazing NYC experience!!!

Almost everything we chose to do was something we loved, but here are our absolute favorites:

  • Riding around Long Island with Dick and Bruce. Will's great uncles showed us around their neck of the woods during our first two days in NY and it was so good to see them!! They took us to see their favorite beaches, to the Montauk Point lighthouse, and to see some of the giant houses that line the beach!! It went by way too fast so we decided that we will just need to visit them again in warmer weather!
  • Your probably tired of hearing me say it, but we got tickets to SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!!! The entire experience deserves it's own blog post and it will get one! For now, all I can say is that it was a roller coaster ride that luckily resulted in being given AMAZING seats and then watching what will now be one of our favorite hour and a half moments of all time!! 
  • American Museum of Natural History. We arrived later in the afternoon than planned which was unfortunate because could have spent ALL day here! For being in NYC, this was the only place that I was shocked by the amount of space it had. We never found every nook because it was just too big to see everything that we wanted to in just 3 hours! 
  • Basically everything that we ate! If you ever go to the city, definitely ask your friends for advice! Ours steered us to some GREAT eats in the city.
  • Times Square. Ok ok, I know that anyone who lives in NYC hates this part of Manhattan BUT we were total tourists and loved seeing the crazy. We didn't do anything in Times Square, but we passed through it so many times! It really was amazing to see.
  • Grand Central Terminal. As I was admiring the sky scrapers, Will was immediately in awe of the infrastructure from public transit to emergency operations. Seriously, the first thing he notices when we arrive in the middle of Midtown was a police command vehicle! This was immediately followed by Grand Central Terminal. It was not easy convincing him that we should drop off our bags at the hotel before exploring it!! 
  • Visiting Katie and Max in Astoria. This is obviously a stark difference from Midtown and we loved seeing a part of NYC that was a lot less touristy! Katie and Max took us next door for brunch and it was AMAZING getting to visit old friends and hear about their experiences living and working in the big city! 

Our first night was waiting/sleeping in line for the standby tickets!!

Bacon came with Will's beer flight at Bar Bacon... this pretty much made our day!!

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