I sat down to write out my 2017 goals and at that moment I realized I had not taken any time to reflect on 2016! 

So what defined this year for us? Was it 10 weddings photographed or 55 weddings edited? Was it something like a dozen meals that set the smoke alarm off, or was it all the ones that didn't? Maybe it was all the new cities we saw. Maybe it was all the new faces we met. Maybe it was all times we shared with old friends and family. 

I suppose it's hard to set a single defining moment for a year when you aren't checking off major milestones like buying a house, getting married, or having babies, but when I look back at 2016, I can't help but decisively say that all our journeys added up to something extraordinary. So many people rang in the New Year thanking the heavens that 2016 was over, but I can't help but look back and reminisce over so many moments that we will cherish forever. 


Rang in the New Year with a camera in our hands. I see no better way ;D 

Traveled up to Annapolis for a styled shoot


Created our first wedding video from the Annapolis styled shoot. What a reminder that some goals change so much over a year!! Last year, at about this time, we believed videography would be a major part of our business in 2017! 

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 10.18.41 AM.png

Played in the snow with our rescue crew... this pretty much happens every time it snows! This time I just happened to get a few pictures.

Snowshoe trip with the Robinsons and Kim


Happy Birthday Will!

Little Hope 

Will's half marathon in VA Beach!

I love to take pictures of Spring flowers. My sister loves to dance awkwardly in the background while I pay attention to the blooming buds in the foreground... 


A rainy but oh-so-fun morning with these two

Spring snow gifted Ashley and Leon on their wedding day!

Oh those columns in DC! I will miss them and the engagement sessions we have there!

Built a fence in the backyard with many helping hands from both our families

Jimmy Buffett concert!

Finally a warm one! ;D And one of the most personal reception set-ups we've ever seen! 


Maternity in the marina

AND a wedding on the water

Cheers to Abhi, the graduate

And to Lyndsay, the senior ballerina


We jump for joy any time we are in Charlottesville for a wedding and so do they!

Kala's Baby Shower

Started the editing business!

Spent a little time horsing around with Sydney


Taught Addy and Brookes all about the ambulances. They said Will had a blood pressure of 0. It's official, I married a zombie. 

Visited the Robinsons on the Potomac River



Hiked on the coast of Maine

AND went to Orlando, Florida...

Shared an intimate wedding day with Chels and Eric

Photographed the Creative at Heart Conference

Journeyed from Denver, CO to Salt Lake City, UT!


Congratulations to Maddie, the senior!

Photographed a wedding within 30 minutes of us!! We've only photographed 3 total over the last three years that were within 60 miles of home!

The rain didn't stop us from getting some amazing bridal shots


Heins baby number 2 was on it's way!

Oak Island is always beautiful, but we found new layers of perfection traveling to the beach in the month of September!

Camped out for the Battle at Bristol

I wish I would have learned more of my Italian in time for this Georgetown wedding!

Rolling mountains, a beautiful bride and groom, and many good times


I still get messages from Emily that she is looking through her October wedding photos on the weekly! It just makes my day :D

Impromptu trip from Salt Lake City, UT to Charlotte, NC to help the Hukkas move


Happy Birthday to Jess and a few family photos

download (17).jpeg

Helped Kim pick styles for her new town home and, of course, took pictures with the Fall leaves 

Beat the strong winds and chilly temps with these three sweets!

Bunny, Heather, Colleen, AND Maeve makes four!


After seven years together, they are officially getting married!!

Impromptu trip to Snowshoe with Kim 

Tree hunting with the Robinsons

Merry Christmas!