Buying your first set of camera gear can seem pretty intimidating. There are thousands of different combinations of cameras, lenses, memory cards, etc. and it can all seem pretty confusing, not to mention EXPENSIVE! The hassle of determining exactly what you need to start is not only discouraging but it also deters from all the built up excitement. 

For these reasons, it makes total sense that Will and I get a TON of questions around this topic, followed by a lot of questions on how to use a camera!

To make all those day-one decisions easier, we decided to set up our recommendations on the essentials! Let us know what you think! 

Photography starter kit 2.jpg
  1. Camera. You obviously can't start without a camera! We recommend choosing from the Canon Rebel Series. These little cameras are both affordable and user friendly and you can usually find a great deal on a refurbished model! Even though they are considered a starter DSLR, it holds it's own in a wide range of lighting conditions. Plus, you can't beat that it comes with a built-in flash and often a starter lens! 
  2. SD cards. I remember the days when a little memory cost big dough. Will and I were just laughing the other day about a 1 GB flash drive that he paid $80 for 10 years ago!! Thank goodness that didn't last! Even though those days are long since over, we recommend getting a few smaller cards instead of one big one. This helps a new photographer get in the habit of moving pictures from the card into post processing instead of letting the pictures live on the cards forever! We suggest purchasing 2-3 of the 16 GB Class 10 SanDisk cards. 
  3. Camera bag. Even though you will likely want to pinch pennies at the start, we recommend splurging a little for something a tad nicer than the Lowepro bags that decorate the shelves of Best Buy. Even though they work just fine, EVERYONE gets one and therefore they act as giant neon signs that may as well read "amateur." And lets be real, you are awesome, so rock out something that represents your awesome style! Amazon has a TON of great bags that won't break the bank and have a clean, natural look. 
  4. External hard drive. You are pretty awesome and are probably going to be taking a TON of pictures starting very soon. An external hard drive will save you from slowing down your computer with all those files and will act as the home base for all your photos. Getting additional cloud back up is also recommended, but that is a conversation for another day! 
  5. Something to help learn your camera! People often settle for their "auto" settings and overlook the importance of mastering the rest of their settings, but I cannot emphasize how important it is. Learning all that your camera is capable of will give you the power to create the photos you are so excited to take!

We are going to be putting out a FREE class on learning manual settings very soon!! Join the waiting list to be the first hear!!