One of the reasons I changed my primary business to editing was that it offered more control over my schedule. While we LOVED photographing wedding days, it has been a blessing to create a system that allows more time for us and our families. 

That being said, it takes a lot of set up to know when the weddings are coming and not be surprised with busy weeks. 

I currently have 9 editing clients who have anywhere from 15 to 40 weddings per year. That's a lot of wedding edits! If I didn't have a system for knowing exactly when those weddings would be delivered, I would be in a constant scramble during the busy months. It would be chaos never knowing when a hard week was going to hit and not knowing when we had the room to schedule personal days!

Much of what I do are variations from the process that Marissa Lynn helped get started - so a big shout out to her!

Here's how I do it:

  • I get synced up on the photographer's wedding calendar. Most photographers have an online calendar, but if they don't, I kindly ask them to create and share us on a Google calendar.  
  • In our initial consult, we ask the photographer what day of the week (after the wedding) that they will send us the gallery for editing. We allow 2-3 photographers to deliver on the same day of the week, but no more than that. Since our turn around times are 3-5 days, it would be impossible to maintain if we had 10 weddings delivered on the same day! 
  • Each month, I plan out my editing days. Since I know when each photographer has weddings and what day they send on, I can plan out what day(s) I will be completing their edits on. If I see that 8-10 weddings are planned for one week, I know that I won't have time for anything else and can prep my other business tasks ahead! Check out our Insta story this morning for a look at my calendar for this month! 
  • I coach the photographers on the process. Not one of my photographers is perfect and neither am I!! I understand that they need grace in the beginning, but I also want to help them get into a steady rhythm. I send email reminders when I see they've missed their day and ask if they need help. Often times, they are having trouble creating the gallery or had something unexpected come up. I always want to be there to support them and help them into a reoccurring workflow! 

That's it! It's still a learning curve for myself and the photographers, but it's beyond worth it to know what's coming and when!