This will make Monday Mess #3 in the last 4 weeks! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

The weekend could have been a lot worse for us, as we have been waiting for the remnants of Hurricane Florence to reach us. The original forecast had it moving directly toward us and showering us in over 20 inches of rain. Luckily for us, the storm made several changes and only really hit us last night with just a few inches. Unluckily for others, that means the slow moving, heavy hitting storm stayed around to bash our friends and family in the Carolinas.

In other news, Christian, B, and Ara came to visit this weekend and we’ve all been enjoying a relaxing weekend. Christian clocked his head pretty good while storm prepping, so we’ve been conceiving ways to convince a concussed Christian to chill. And yes, that was intentional alliteration! Sorry, couldn’t help it!

It’s pretty neat seeing my niece start to recognize us and be excited to hang!! We just saw them a week ago at the beach, but even so, it seems like she changes so much every time we see her! This visit, she learned how to feed the dogs off her high chair. The dogs are very big fans… even Alex, who is TERRIFIED of all tiny humans.

Lastly, I have to say what a joy homeownership can be… this week: two roof leaks, ceiling leaks in the basement from the deck, leaking bathtub, shower that doesn’t have hot water, and mice that have been moving dog food and storing it under our guest pillows. And that’s the list, so far… Shrug. What can ya do? I’m trying not to be overly bitter considering many homes in the Carolina’s are full of water.

Alright, ready for some adorable photos of my niece… and a few others??