Fall has finally arrived in the mountains, and we celebrated by allowing our inner basic to take over. Ya know, boots & leggings, pumpkin patches, PSLs, that sort of thing.

Before Kim even said she was for-sure coming, she had our weekend planned out. The call went something like this:

Jess: “Are you coming?”

Kim: “Idk, probably. ALSO, this is what we are going to do: on Friday, Cabo. Friday night, Campus Cookies. Saturday, pumpkin patch. Also Saturday, Cabo and Campus Cookies. Sunday, maybe brunch.”

I get the feeling my sister likes Blacksburg food.

The pumpkin patch has become a new little tradition, and this would be year number three. I’m glad we have a Fall thing with the family before Thanksgiving… BECAUSE FALL SHOULD BE CELEBRATED AT EVERY AVAILABLE OPPORTUNITY! Sorry… I’ve finally released the basic and she just screams stuff sometimes.

Lots of photos!

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