This Monday Mess is pretty late… and not on a Monday, but, as they say… I do what I want! ;D

Thanksgiving was unusually quiet this year. Typically, it’s family and extended family and friends and strangers and whoever happens to show up, all sharing in the festivities. While I truly love the chaos of people funneling in and out of the kitchen, kids running around, and multiple games happening simultaneously, a peaceful Thanksgiving was nice all the same. I found myself in the kitchen with mom thinking “WAIT… what are we forgetting… it can’t be this easy.”

One thing I should mention… NEVER throw out the drippings. NEVER. And yes, I hear your collective “duh” being said, BUT just in case there is anyone out there that forgets this… it’s been said again. If you do through out the drippings, don’t worry, you will never forget again. I will never forget again. ;D