We have had two pretty festive weekends in a row. Last weekend we were chopping down our Christmas tree and this weekend we had 15 inches of snow fall in 12 hours!!! Crazy!

It usually goes that they call for 1-3 FEET of snow and then back it down to like 3-5 inches… which happened this weekend. Then the predictions started changing again as 3, 5, then 12 inches of snow fell! I wish someone would make a chart of the forecast predictions over time for this storm… it would be entertaining… would look like the win probability of the Virginia Tech vs. UVA game.

Also, this amount of snow on the mountain is CRAY. We love our spot in the woods! It’s so beautiful. We can see most of the town and surrounding mountains, covered in snow. It does come with some challenges… like hauling firewood around and strategically placing cars so that we don’t have to drive the steepest parts of our driveway, BUT it’s worth it. I actually find these extra chores rewarding. It’s part of living on this piece of land.

We had to find a skinny, but tall, tree for our house this year. We have the perfect corner, but it’s right next to the fire place and we really don’t want to test our luck. I’m pretty confident that a fire truck would have a hard time getting up our driveway… I really don’t want to ever find out. We ended up with a 9 footer and it fits perfectly!! We are very excited to be hosting Christmas for Will’s family this year!

And if all of those things didn’t shout CHRISTMAS enough, we also had the kids and adult Christmas party for the rescue squad! It’s my favorite holiday party ever… I don’t go to a lot BUT it still would win out!

On another note, photo friends, my highlight on Instagram is full of snow photo tips! Check it out before the snow is gone! :D