Yo. It’s Monday. That means I can make a mess over here on the blog and it’s totally fine!! DEAL.

This weekend seems like it was much longer than two days because we crammed so much into such a short amount of time! Here are few things we did:

  • LOTS of rounds of new card games with Recah, Dustin, and Grayson! Has anyone heard of Forbidden Island , Five Minute Dungeon, or Dutch Blitz?? I grew up playing endless rounds of card games, so the monster inside was very happy to have others who also crave endless flipping, shuffling, and strategizing!

  • Convinced a toddler to hike through the woods! He loved it, but in true toddler fashion, could not decide which was better - walking or riding! :D We love all the little adventurers that come through the house and get to make memories here!

  • Said bye to Colin who is moving to Nashville. We will miss our weather forecasting, sports obsessed friend who, along with us, unabashedly follows the bachelor’s quest for love every Monday!! Although, we are super excited to have yet another reason to visit Nashville!

  • Celebrated Abby’s birthday AND Abby and Aaron’s engagement! It’s been a while since I’ve done engagement photos, but they are my jam!!! It’s amazing how fast you can fall right back into the old swing of things!

If any of you don’t do the “Instagram thing” well 1. DO IT and 2. I created a new account where I challenge myself to ONLY share iPhone photos! It’s been a way of forcing myself to remember that the camera DOES NOT make the photographer and to be creative with a new tool! I used Will’s iPhone (he has the iPhone Xs and DAMN that portrait mode is sooooo good!!) and took a few throughout the weekend!

Don’t worry - I also took engagement photos with the “real” camera!

Here is a Monday Mess of ONLY iPhone photos!