Welp it's been a while... months in fact! Do I need an excuse? No, but here it is anyways: I needed a break from blogging. I wasn't sure where it was going. Was I blogging for me? Was I doing it because businesses need to blog? I was feeling obligated to write and I wasn't sure about the purpose. 

I haven't found all the answers yet, but there was always one series that I did just for me. And I've MISSED it! 

THE MONDAY MESS IS BACK, and it's messier than ever! ;D

Other blog posts might be back too... might not.. shrug. If there are posts you would benefit from having in your life, let me know! Are they photography related? Editing? Something completely off the wall? If there is a question you've got and you think I can answer, ASK! Even if you think it is trivial, I'll be an open book. Comment or email jessicabulloss(A)gmail.com! 

Ok ok, enough of my rambling, onto the Monday Mess!

This weekend was the 8th annual Pig Roast, a BBQ that Will and I and a few friends put on each year... although calling it a BBQ downplays it's essence. Pig Roast is basically it's own holiday amongst our group of friends with people literally flying across country to make the festivities. 

Each year, Pig Roast is a little different. Some years it's a crazy beer-filled mess... other years it's a crazy beer-filled mess with fire. It really just depends. Either way, a bunch of people are in and out all day. One year I woke out of bed at 9am, grumbled things that people grumble in the morning, rubbed my eyes and saw people already getting stared outside my window. It really doesn't have many equivalents.

This year, I had a couple thoughts: 

  • Not all heroes wear capes... but some wear rainbow flags while riding a kids toy down a steep incline. We all have a hero in our hearts. 
  • Kids say the best stuff. Eight years ago, when this all started, all of our lives looked very different. It's weird seeing kids EVERYWHERE all of a sudden, but they really do make it that much better. Adult to child: "Hey sweetheart, are you talking yet??" Child: looked the person right in the eye, "NOPE," turned, and kept on running. Marvelous! 
  • The pork is smoked for 16+ hours and is so good you could eat it off the ground... not an exaggeration. I have video evidence. 
  • Eventually I'm going to have to say "YES PLEASE" when anyone asks if I need help. What I currently say (while covered in BBQ sauce and with a crazed look in my eye) is "No, no, I totally got this!!" We are getting better about asking for help and SO MANY PEOPLE go to crazy lengths to make the event possible. THANK YOU to everyone (ESPECIALLY THE INCREDIBLE HEINS FAMILY) who made Pig Roast happen. Yall rock!!  
  • In case you find yourself in need of pig puns, as one often does, here are some of my favorites:
    • Get piggy with it
    • Come for the butts, stay for the people
    • Go pig or go home
    • Don't go bacon my heart
    • Hamburglars unite 
    • Put some pork on your fork
    • I like pig butts and I cannot lie

I probably had other thoughts, but that's all I got for now!

Very few of these photos are mine, so thank you to those of you who documented!!


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