Our next travel adventure is NEW YORK CITY!!! 

It started as Will's Christmas present. And let me say that I'm TERRIBLE at surprises, so this was no easy feat. No really. I usually give it away within HOURS after buying a gift, and the more exciting it is, the less time I can keep it a secret. 

BUT this year, I wanted his gift to be a total surprise... and yall... I DID IT! This might be the only present I ever give that I don't spill the beans on immediately, so I'm glad it ended up being a good one! 

Will has always loved SNL (Saturday Night Live) and I decided to look into how to get tickets.

BUT it turns out, that's not a thing.

If you want tickets to SNL, you either need to be super famous or stand in line for hours (sometimes days!). This is tricky because 1. I'm not famous.. womp womp 2. they don't announce the schedule ahead of time and we live several states away 3. there's the obvious complications of standing in the freezing cold on the streets of NYC and 4. the tickets they give out are just stand by tickets which means even if you get your hands on some, you STILL might not get in if one of those super cool famous people brings 20 friends with them. YIKES right?

But on the bright side, the tickets are free... if you manage to get a seat. 

So I decided I would plan a trip to NYC and if Will ends up wanting to stand in line for SNL tickets, then that's what we will do! I found a 40% off deal for a hotel within walking distance of Rockefeller Center and Times Square and BOOM we were booked!! :D 

Will was totally surprised and said he had NO idea!! Best thing ever. AND yall, he totally wants to stand in line for tickets. We are totally going to try and get in!! Now, we are just keeping our fingers crossed that they actually have a show that weekend!! 

We've asked a ton of friends for advice on NYC, but I'm all about hearing EVERYTHING. So if you have 1. gotten tickets to SNL before or 2. have favorite NYC spots, definitely drop us a line in the comments below!! :D We super appreciate ANY advice or NYC travel secrets!!

PS - can you tell I'm related to my mom??